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12/27/2012: "Post Christmas Blues??"

The Christmas rush is over, so come on out and enjoy a few hours of shooting this Saturday. Our regular scheduled match for December will be held at the Bullet Hole in Overland Park starting at 10am on December 29th. All KCSM members will not be charged a match fee this Saturday. Consider it a Christmas gift from the club.

The SOs for this month are Chuck Northcutt and Ron Dyer. Helping will be Jim Pappas, Scott Dyer, and Stever Messbarger.

Chuck Northcutt will be running a BUG gun match this month. If you don't have a BUG gun, someone will probably have one you can use. Be prepared to shoot factory ammo in a borrowed gun. You will need at least 10 rounds. If you don't want to shoot the BUG match, you can shoot your regular gun, but you will only load 5 rounds and it will not be scored. Check out the rules listed below for BUG guns.

Another year has passed and we are just about ready for a new membership year. We will start taking new applications at the match this Saturday. Please remember there are several items you will need to join or renew your membership.

1. Current Bullet Hole Range card
2. Current IPDA membership card
3. Current membership card in the NRA or another second amendment organization.
4. Completed membership application
5. Membership fee $20.00
6. Be prepared to sign up to help run 2 matches in the next year. (Feb 2013 - Jan 2014)

If your memberships in any of the above are expired we can take care of it at the match. You can renew your Bullet Hole card at the desk upstairs (Please tell us anytime you renew on match day. We don't have to pay the Bullet Hole a fee for anyone renewing on the day of a match.) We will have IDPA membership applications and you will be able to renew your NRA membership at the match (and save a few bucks while you are at it).

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.


All CoF for the Back-Up Gun Division must be limited to five (5) rounds maximum per string (no reloads on the clock) to allow autos and revolver shooters to compete equally. Handguns permitted for use in this division must:

A. Be single or double action.
B. Be either pistol or revolver.
C. Be .32 auto or larger.
D. Have a barrel length:
1. Semi-automatic, 3.8 or less (factory installed cone style
barrels with or without a barrel bushing are permitted).
2. Revolver 3 or less.
E. Maximum (total) number of rounds that may be loaded into the handgun is five (5).
F. Holsters will not be allowed