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01/22/2013: "January Match Info"

Donít forget the match this Saturday. Starts at 10am at the Bullet Hole Range in Overland Park. SOs will be Joe Allan and Clint Ancker, assistants are Ryan Jacobsen and Jan Ancker. Hope to see everyone there.

Our annual membership drive is in full swing. Thanks to everyone that joined last month. If you plan on shooting more than 4 matches this year, it makes sense to join. So what do you need to join?

1. Current Bullet Hole Membership
2. Current NRA (or other 2nd amendment organization) membership
3. Current IDPA membership
4. Completed application form
5. Membership fee $20.00
6. Sign up to help with 2 matches

You can fill out an application online on the Club Information tab the website and print it.

Here are a couple of items to mark on your calendar. In February Jeff Herrman will be running another BUG match. If you have a BUG gun and want to compete with it, you will shoot it using the BUG rules. If you donít have a BUG gun or don't want to shoot the BUG match, you can shoot it with your regular IDPA gun. The course will be slightly modified depending on which gun you use, but everything will be scored.

In March we will be running the IDPA classifier on both ranges. Everyone will be limited to one gun for this match. It is the only way we can get everyone thru the match in a reasonable length of time. Extra magazines or speedloaders would be very helpful for this match. Also a helper to load your magazines allows the match to flow at a faster pace.

Lastly please keep an eye on what is going on in the legislative and executive branches of our government. They are really apply pressure to pass and put into law a number of unacceptable restrictions on our ability to keep and bear arms. Donít hesitate to contact them.

There is website that will generate individual letters to your elected officials from the President down to your state legislators. It can be accessed at www.ruger.com/protectyourrights As of today over 660,000 people have signed on and participated.

Stay safe, shoot straight.