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03/13/2012: "Changes for KCSM"

As our club grows, I think it is important for us to look at the IDPA rulebook and make sure we are running our matches in accordance with the current IDPA rules.

A couple of issues with a potential large impact need to be addressed. First concerns our members. While a first time shooter does not have to be a member of IDPA, the second time he shoots he is suppose to be a member or have applied for membership. Secondly the club is suppose to run the IDPA classifier as a monthly match at least once a year and be available to new shooters at least 4 times a year. Additionally every IDPA member is required to shoot the classifier once a year (except for Master class shooters).

These are not unknown issues. I have been aware of them since day one of our club. In the early days we didnít make folks join IDPA because we didnít want to drive people away from the club. We now have about 30 shooters competing with us in a given match. While I donít want to lose any shooters due to the IDPA membership requirement, the board feels it is time to make sure all of our shooters belong to the national organization. The reason for shooters to be IDPA members is because this is the sole source of money from the clubs to support the national office. In IPSC/USPSA the clubs pay headquarters for each shooter everytime they hold a match, itís called ďmission countĒ. IDPA doesnít do that.

The classifier has been held when we get a demand for it, but it hasnít been shot as part of a match for a number of years.

As part of our affiliation with IDPA, we agreed to run matches according to IDPA rules.. Again we think it is time we bite the bullet and start following all the rules, not just the ones we agree with. In the rulebook contains definitions showing the responsibilities of the shooter, the club and the Area Coordinator, as well as the requirements for IDPA affiliation for our club. While I am not the AC for Kansas, I am the AC for Missouri and Iowa. I think my home club should be following the rules.

Here is what the board has decided. Starting with the April match all shooters (except those shooting their first match) will have to be a member, join at the match, or show proof that you have joined. Also the April match will be the classifier. It takes a while to run and is 90 rounds in length. We will be running the match on both ranges. No one will be allowed to shoot a second gun until all shooters have shot their first gun. The classifier can be viewed at www.IDPA.com.

I am planning to give a SO class in Kansas City. One of the qualities of a certified SO is they are experienced IDPA shooters, but the class is open to all IDPA members. Just like school, just because you attend doesnít mean you automatically pass. New shooters will get a good background in the rules which will make them better shooters and better members of our club.

One last item, the Tiger Team process is still ongoing and there WILL be changes to our rulebook, most likely major changes. I would expect that all changes will be in line with our guiding principles listed in the front of our rulebook.

We know not everyone will like this plan and we might even lose some shooters, but we feel we need to come into compliance with the national office.

Please donít hesitate to contact me to further discuss these plans.

Jim Hewins
President KC Shooting Masters